Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria are grouped into 16 regional networks. These Neighbourhood House Networks (‘NH Networks’) link houses and local communities to other houses and communities at a regional level and facilitate:

  • individual support and resourcing to their members
  • early identification and support of neighbourhood houses experiencing difficulty
  • regional collaboration on issues, needs and projects among the membership
  • representation and advocacy on regional issues and needs to the NHV, and local and state governments.

Networks receive recurrent funding from the Department of Human Services and in some cases from local government. Although funding is determined by the number of Neighbourhood Houses in each Network, the challenges of distance and the costs of travel are not factored in. NH Networks also seek grants to support professional development and collaborative work by network members.

WIMMERA WEST GRAMPIANS Neighbourhood House Network:

Municipalities covered:Shires of Hindmarsh, Northern Grampians and Yarriambiack, West Wimmera and Ararat and Horsham Rural Cities.

These municipalities incorporate:Regional centres or towns, semirural and rural

The Network receives funding for: 15.25 hours

The Network employs a Networker for: 15 hours

The Network is managed by: Committee of Management

Total area covered: 38,324 square kms



Wimmera West Grampians Neighbourhood House Network

contact details:

Christine Zubrinich, Network Coordinator

PO Box 97 Horsham Vic 3400

0488 913 001